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Step 1. Strip Topsoil

The first step in our construction process if the stripping of topsoil. We use our very own crew and operators to remove all the topsoil from the construction area and stockpile it on site so it can be returned at the end of the project with no additional cost.

Step 2. Excavate Pool

Once the topsoil is stripped we can begin digging the pool! Again using our Arista crew we dig the shape to whatever shape you have selected. The strip topsoil and pool dig all happen within a two-day period. We will usually stockpile fill dirt to be used later to backfill the pool walls.

Step 3. Install Walls

Once the pool is dug we install the pool walls on the dig shelf. From the dig shelf the bottom of the pool can be shaped. Once the walls are precisely set to the correct level, the bottom of the pool can be shaped. The entire bottom of the pool is laid out with string lines and hand shaped with picks and shovels to ensure it is shaped perfectly.

Step 4. Plumbing and Electric

Now that the pool walls are up and in position and the hole is dug, the pool is ready for plumbing and electric. All our pool plumbing is run on dedicated lines meaning your pool will have the best hydraulics possible to give you the best performance out of your pool equipment. We have found that by plumbing in a way that can make the equipment run optimally tends to make equipment last longer and cost much less money to run on a daily basis.

Step 5. Bond Beam and Backfill

To ensure your pool will never go anywhere we offer a lifetime warranty on the structure of your Arista vinyl pool. We can confidently offer this due to our concrete bond beam which is poured around the entire pool between the back of the walls and the dig shelf. Many companies just pour concrete at each wall brace, we pour our beam at least 8” thick around the entire pool! That is an entire truckload of concrete!! Once this concrete sets up and hardens we backfill the pool walls with fill dirt from the excavation of the pool.

Step 6. Install Pool Floor

There are many different ways to install a pool floor for a vinyl pool. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality product so we do not cut any corners in our build. Instead of using a sand floor that does not provide any protection from ground water under the pool, or a concrete floor which is very abrasive to your pool liner, we use a vermiculite/ concrete mix for our pool floor. By adding vermiculite to the concrete, this allows us to maintain the structural integrity needed to protect from water under the pool while resulting in a pool floor that is far less abrasive to your liner. We mix material right on site and hand trowel the entire pool floor up the sides to the bottom of the pool wall.

Step 7. Hang Liner and Fill

Now that the pool floor is finished we are ready to install the liner of your choice. We use vacuums to help get the liner set perfectly in the pool to get rid of any wrinkles. Once the liner is set we fill the pool. At this point the project is nearly complete and we are typically at about 10 days from the time we stripped the topsoil!

Step. 8 Stone and Pour Deck

There are many different types of concrete to choose from. Now that the pool is filled we are ready to install stone around the pool for underneath the deck. The purpose of this stone is so that the concrete can move during the freeze and thaw of winter. The deck is then poured and finished 4” thick in whatever color, shape or pattern you choose.

Step 9. Return Topsoil

The final step in the build process is to return the topsoil that was stripped at the beginning of the job. This is included in our base package and is no extra cost where other companies will require you to buy topsoil and charge you to spread it. At this point we are usually at day 14.

Step 10. Design and Install Landscape Package

To finish off you project with a bang, at the end of your project you can meet with Michael III and he can design a custom landscape package for your new pool. Mike and Mike also own B&M Landscaping, a that company has been open for 37 years! We are a one stop shop that can also do any landscaping, landscape lighting and paving that you may need.

Step 11. Share your experience with us!

A majority of our projects are done in two weeks time from start to finish weather permitting. We are able to achieve such a quick turnaround for many reasons but the main reason being we build one project at a time and complete it prior to starting another.

We love to hear from our customers. Please take the time to write us a review about your experience. Our company is built on our fantastic reputation and we have our customers to thank for that!



Being a customer of Arista Pools and then B & M Landscaping, I cannot compliment either company enough. They were beyond professional and responsive. Their design and ideas are amazing and we are so happy with what they have helped us create in our back yard. Their crews are also professional and always came when they said they would, which we have not always experienced with other contractors. I would highly recommend Arista and B & M to anyone looking to create an outside oasis!!

Tara Terranova, Collegeville, PA
The final result exceeded our expectations!! Mike and his entire crew were professional, extremely hard working, and thorough from the planning stages all the way through the final unveiling. It is evident that they value hard work and relationships with their customers. We recommend them to anyone looking to transform their backyard!
Megan Maran, Collegeville, PA
Excellent Hot Tub!

Great service and Great product.

Very responsive and great people to deal with!

Tom McKeown, Blue Bell, PA
I am so lucky to have chosen a team that pays so much attention to detail. They made our visions into a reality and beyond. They worked in a timely fashion, they were experienced, they were perfectionists, they were awesome. I feel like this experience was a dream, because the process went so smooth. Mike is the man, and his crew is all that! Highly recommend. No issues at all.
Rob Brislin, Skippack, PA
The township inspector stopped by to make sure final inspection was done and he mentioned how impressed he was with how “on top of everything” you were at Arista. He was loving how fast you were following up on inspection requests, and how nicely everything is coming together. He SPECIFICALLY compared it to other companies he has seen over the years and said ours was the best!! And he has been doing this for more than 20 years, for 2 different townships. That says a LOT!
Liz Patterson, Berwyn, PA

5 questions the other swimming pool contractors hope you never ask…

At Arista Pool & Spa, we limit the amount of subcontracting we use to build our pool. Each company we use is the best in their respective field. We have worked with these companies for years and have great relationships with them. Not only are these contractors professional but everyone is friendly and has the upmost respect for the customer. Other swimming pool contractors sub out every single phase of construction. They use subs that give them the cheapest rate, regardless of the quality of their work. Often times they jump from sub to sub so there is no relationship there and subs treat their jobs as just another job. Ask any of our subs what they think of Arista and they will tell you how we are a step above the rest.

We treat each job as if it was our own home. In doing this, we ensure the job is completed in a timely matter. Our gunite pools typically take six to eight weeks from start to finish. We have completed pools in three weeks in the past. Many other contractors claim a six to eight-week finish but after ten weeks the customer is scratching their heads wondering what is going on. Our vinyl pool building process is truly a site to see. An Arista vinyl pool will have a two to three-week completion time from start to finish. In the past, we have built pools in just seven days! This incredible time frame can only be achieved by the way we operate our company. Speed without losing quality is usually a recipe for disaster, but operating this way from day one is just another normal day for Arista pools.

Arista pools take pride in that there are no hidden costs in our product. Many competitors have hidden costs for extra machine time during excavation. This is something we have found other competitors to really take advantage of and charge extra fees. When signing a contract for a pool, there are so many details it is easy to overlook an extra cost that will cost you thousands! Always check to ensure you are not being charged for something that you could get for free with Arista. We make everything you could encounter known right away. When buying from Arista pools, our main concern is your experience and by sneaking in hidden costs and fees, we could not achieve the reputation we have today.

If there is one thing that separates Arista from the other pool builders it is our reputation. We have our customers to thank for that. With such a focus on customer service, our customers rave over their experience with us. We often refer to our customers as our lead sales team, as they have nothing but good things to say. If you don’t believe us, check out our customer submitted testimonials. Many customers use marketing agencies to draft “fake” positive reviews. Not here at Arista, ask us about any customer referral on our site and you can ask them yourself how their project went!

The ideal person to monitor the construction of your swimming pool can only be one person. The owner of the company. No one has more invested in the success of your project then the owner of the company you hired. Many large companies lure you in with a low price, but the problem with that is you deal with a manager or salesperson throughout the build process. Mike Jr. and Mike III, owners of Arista Pool & Spa, monitor every job personally. If you had the chance to work with the owner of a company rather than an employee, who would you choose?